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This song is by S.L.A.B..

Dubs up round here, Assholes baby
S.L.A.B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
That's how it go down, round here in the H
You feel me, hitting switches on bitch ass niggaz
Spinners platinum line, and if you with that jacking shit

I'ma make a hoe drop today, with the glock today
Might swang on a cop, through the block today
I got a couple G's off, in the stash today
On a full time slang, for the pay
I'ma make a hoe drop today, with the glock today
Might swang on a bop on jock today
I got a couple G's off, in the stash today
On a full time slang, for the pay

When you see me creeping through the lot, with my trunk on pop
J2 got the Ken, Germasee got the glock
I'm a Slow Loud And Banger, representing for the S.L.A.B.
When I put up the houpe, I'ma go and get the Jag
And I swoop to the West, scooping up the T-Head
And we be chilling in the hood, steady making our bread
And then I swang to the sto', picking up more do'
I mash the gas, hollin' at the Raw C and the Moe
Big Nick hit my phone, gave me keys to the spot
He told me meet him at the Marion, around eight o'clock
So I hit the back streets, trying to dodge all the cops
I'm a Southwest nigga, bitch my block stay hot

Boss pulling out the garage, eight switches on charge
Flipping the big 'vard, cocked up pointed at Mars
Young Loc dodging bars, as I lace up my stars
Fo' danas on the coupe, as I ride three pause
Back scraping sun baking, got the streets on lock
Six slugs for the busters, and fourteen for the cops
Drag the Cheve up the block, nonstop
Bandanas on me antenna, stash spot full of rocks
Can't see me with a brand new blue flag, sporting it like a du-rag
Blue deuce ragtop, two Mag's and new tags
I kinda like, to keep the cuff on my Khakis
I put juice on my seven deuce, so now these niggaz mad at me
Fuck you and a bullet go with it nigga, so come and get it
Every corner I bend it, to turn heads I intended
Smash pass your weak ass, neighborhood in a minute
Niggaz can't see me, I cop mo' keys than a city

I'ma bang a whole block away, when I drop today
In this jet black whip, that I copped today
I got a 6-7 Cheve, that I just got sprayed
Even better fo' G's, out the safe I pay
Bad bitches get laid, 'fore I hit my turf
Forty rounds in the clip, cause niggaz know what I'm worth
Most niggaz in the game, wanna play ya for lame
So I'm quick to mask up, and let the HK sang
Like the Screw that I bang, when I'm gripping the grain
On Main with a dame, while she giving me brain
But the throwed off part, the bitch don't know my name
My mouthpiece off the chain, that's a god damn shame

I'ma pull up on that West stay, with J
It's ABK, so break bread with a nigga right away
We ain't buying that bullshit, that you niggaz talking
When we see you in the streets, bitch nigga keep walking
Try to run up on my folks, with that jacking shit
My slugs eat a nigga up, like a savage bitch
I dig me a ditch, for the next to plex
And if I throw a shot, you gon be the next to catch

(Lil' B)
I pull up in a big truck, stacking big bucks
With bops on jocks, who hot for these sluts
I'm a playa, won't fuck with nothing but dimes
Cause these hoes only want me, 'cause I floss and I rhyme
No nickel and dime, I grind full time for mine
Still that same G Lil' B, off the Grapevine
Running with Rob and Chris, trying to get my hoop on
Click got split, so I had to move on
To this rap shit crap shit, beat a nigga ass shit
Quick to let the black, .45 Caliber blast shit
Now cashing checks, breaking no sweat
Listening to all my dogs, tell a nigga I wreck

(Shep Dog)
I'm sitting so low, Shep in the wide frame
Rep the 4-4, for the set that I claim
I'm afilliated bitch, Asshole is the gang
Game I shoot fly, like I'm in a soul plane
I'm a 5-6 nigga, that'll stomp your mug
Born and raised in the streets, so I'm known to thug
Fo' do' suicide, when I slide on dubs
I'm a G, bitch what you thought I was

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