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Locked Out

This song is by S.F. Seals and appears on the album Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows (1995).

I walk up the front steps,
Dip into my pocket.
No key to the front door
And somebody's locked it.
My keys ae not
Where they had been.
The door stays locked
I can't get in.

Windows are painted,
Sealed shut.
Fingernails dig,
But can't pry them up.
I stand outside
The house looks dim,
I knock and shot
Please let me in.
I can't get in.

I get the feeling
Someone is inside,
But for some reason
I'm not allowed.

I call through the mail slot,
I wish I could crawl through.
I circle the whole house,
Every entrance is untrue.
In the backyard
I lay on the ground.
Gaze at the stars.
Please let me in.
I can't get in.
Please let me in.

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