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Kid's Pirate Ship

This song is by S.F. Seals and appears on the album Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows (1995).

A mightly ship sailed 'round the world
Only filled with boys and girls
And loads of treasure chests and bags
Over the sail flew a pirate's flag

The wind, it whistled warning to
The kids on board
What did they do?
They held a party on the deck
And laughed while waves
Splintered and wrecked.

I'm a shark and I love to eat
Little children's hands and feet
My fine white smile
Won't you climb right in
Or care to hold my razor fin?

The storm only became much worse
So full of water the ship just burst
Floating like angels in the clouds
The frothy sea tossed them about.

Hang on to my slimy grasp
I'm the local octopus
I've got enought for each you dears
I'll squeeze you tight
No need for tears!

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