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Try 17

This song is by Rydell and appears on the compilation album Always Remember Everything (2003) and on the compilation album Anchors & Parachutes (2007).

She said do you like my shoes as she tripped
"Well I'll see you Saturday at two..."
She said do you like my face as it hit
"...Unless I meet someone else before you"

All these signs add up to nothing
Every bump knocks out the bass
Last time I was here I was twenty two
You were twenty three

She said do you think I'm cool as she slipped
"Well he says that he'll marry me..."
She said do you like these clothes as they split
"...Unless this is not really pregnancy"

All these signs add up to something
Every tree has two kids under it
Last time we were here we were twenty two
Try seventeen

Now tell me, What's too far?
Would you go out in a car?
Would you do, What's too near?
Now tell me, What to do here?

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