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If I Were A Bird

This song is by Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband and appears on the album If I Were a Bird (1996).

If I were a bird I wouldn't live in the city
I'd live up in the highest mountain crack
And I could come down to see you whenever I wanted to
With talons for my feet and feathers on my back

And, If I were a bird I wouldn't fly to close to the ground
'Cause I wouldn't want any hunters to ever shoot me down
I wouldn't go near the road 'cause it's a dangerous place to play
And I wouldn't want to end up injured out on the lone highway

If I were a bird I would fly so high
That the only people near me
Would be the pilots in the sky
And If I were a bird I'd fly so gracefully
Through the air so all mankind could see
If I were a bird

If I were a bird I'd love the morning breeze
'Cause it would blow through my wings and take me where I please
Over mountains and the oceans the whole world I would view
And you could look up and see me and I could look down and see you

If I were a bird I'd fly right up to heaven
And there I'd meet the father and the son
Then maybe me and the Holy Ghost could fly together
And go where he's descending like a dove descending like a dove

But then the Lord would probably call me into his great throne room
And say you're not supposed to be a bird you see
So go back where you belong and be the man you ought to
Be the man, the best that you can be
But if I were a bird