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Last Sunday

This song is by Ryan Huston and appears on the album Right Songs for No One (2005).

"Check check... we good?"
"Let's do it!"

Called you up talked it out took a train and I went
Last Sunday
I couldn't drive to you 'cause I was just too wasted to try
Picked me up stumbled out took a pill and I slept
Through Monday
I can't be more to you because I am just barely alive

There's nothing that you could do for me
Don't want to remember
There's nothing that you could say to me
Just want to forget

I'm sorry I can't be what you need
I'm sorry it's not you it's just me
I'm sorry you think that I could change
I would if I could, maybe someday
If I had to change I'd be for you
You've always been there when there have been few
I just cannot be the man you see
Whoever I am, it's not really me
We'll just have to see

Woke up while you were out took a phone and I booked
A one way
I couldn't let you see me after what you'd seen me go through
I guess the secrets out, no one to blame just my life
Gone astray
It's not by choice it's just the only way that I face the truth
With you

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