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I Won't Be Part Of It!

This song is by Ryan Harvey.

Rock the vote
I'd rather sink the boat
And do anything I can to bring justice to this land
Vote for a democrat
I know it gets better than that
And I'm not gonna compromise, all politicians are full of lies
It's not one man
Who shakes the iron hand
It's the system and it's war machines, the courts, prisons and, armories
For private gain.
You best start rioting
Because the president's just the start of it,
The lies, the war...

I won't be part of it!

For 500 years
Same slaves, same rusty gears
And all the poor have gained, bigger cells and longer chains
And less to eat
Forget the laws
Get in the street
The police are very strong, but that won't last very long
It's not a mystery
Look at our history
Rebellion works just fine you just gotta hold the line
We need to educate
Rebel and penetrate
Dig deep into the hear of it
And hit 'em where it hurts

I won't be part of it!

Converted into "bravery"
What is now "selective service" used to be "indentured servant"
It's this "braveness"
That killed the natives
Small pox and diseases now we've all got SUVs
And it's disgusting
The paint is rusting
As the factories all change places to pay workers lower wages
Little colonies
Cut down all the olive trees
There's sweatshops so Wal-Mart is rich
The system calls it "growth"
I won't be part of it!

Free trade
You better have your fees paid
Or some company will come and buy up everything you own
And jack the prices
Each move decisive
Full-world domination, military occupation
Starve your citizens
Just to get rid of them
If they raise up their voices maybe ask for better choices
Who will lead them
Who will feed them
We were friends when the arms were sent
And now they're fighting back

I won't be part of it!

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