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Flower Bomb

This song is by Ryan Bingham and appears on the album Tomorrowland (2012).

One, two, one, two, three, four

In this world, we have gone
Out on our own, all alone in stone
Looking for time that passes us by
You're tired and old you may get left behind

In this world we hope to see
Invisible signs of our democracy so
Maybe somehow we all can say
That it's worth the blood that we leave on the stage

For in this world we make a stand
For suffering minds of unknown lands
But the water below are two left feet
Can never rise above our political heat

For in this world we have a voice that's
Lout as hell if we have the choice
Don't consume them best to fill your lives
Then we feed our kids what we leave behind

In this world we have to shake and
Man the hand that button breaks
If we hesitate we might forget
About the hard ticks written for last month's rent, mhm

How in the hell can we progress
If we're all out of work hooked on pills for stress
They tell us, up in heaven there is food to eat
But for now all we get is this shit on the street

For in this world we just can't trust
In food stamps filling our bellies up
Homeless kids on forgotten roads
Let's hope they can bear when the winter cold 'cause

The spark within the youngest eye
Can slowly fade with the whispered cry
So lend your heart and all you know
And relieve the pain so the good can grow

Relieve the pain so the good can grow


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