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This song is by Ry Cooder and appears on the album Paradise and Lunch (1974) and on the album Broadcast From the Plant (2014).

Whenever you find a man that loves every woman he sees
There's always some kind of woman that's a-puttin' him up a tree
Now that kind of man, he ain't got as much sense as a mule
You know, everyone don't love you, they're just a-playin' you for a fool

Mmmm, oh, no
It's not hard for you to understand
True love can be such a sweet harmony
If you do the best that you can

If you marry the wrong kind of woman and you get where you can't agree
Well, you just as well could get your hat and let that woman be
But a man oughta make a good husband and quit tryin' to lead a fast life
Goin' about dressin' up other women won't put clothes on his own wife

Well, there's lots of good women who wants to marry, and they want to live well at home
But they're 'fraid they'll might get hold of a rowdy man, can't let other women alone
And there's lots of good men wants to marry, and they wants to live well at home
But every time they turn their back, there's another man there askin', "Darlin', is he gone?"


Music by:

George Washington Phillips / Russ Titelman / Ry Cooder

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