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Filipino Dance Hall Girl

This song is by Ry Cooder and appears on the album I, Flathead (2008).

When the evening shadows fall I'm dreaming
Of a certain smile a secret rendezvous
When the day is past and gone I'll come creeping
Down the dark end of the street again to you
In a dimly lit café as we go dancing
I try to smile and hide a love that's true
Then they play a lovely tune as we're romancing
And I can't pretend no matter what I do

Dark and different so they tell me
Lt's forbidden so they say
But l just tell them we're so happy
She's my Filipino dance halt girl

Good friends have all withdrawn their salutations
Good neighbors pause when I come down the street
Preacher has a look of scorn on Sunday morning
And there's a frown on every face I see

Que sera sera the Bible tells me
Novus Ordo Seclorum so they say
I just tell them adios muchachos
She's my Filipino dance hall girl

Then she whispers while we're dancing
In a language soft and low
I just tell her darling I love you
You're my Filipino dance hall girl

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