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This song is by Rusty Wier and appears on the album Black Hat Saloon (1976).

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Song of the Day
November 20, 2016
Lisa was the light of my soul
She came along and showed me
All a woman has to show
She never made no promises
About loving me always
She just made me happy while she stayed

Time and changes changed her mind one day
She went to find her world
In some strange city far away
Now I stand here looking
Through this balcony armchair
Turning Lisa over in my mind again

Some she took away from me
Some she left behind
But I'm going to give back
The best that I can
Oh still I smile and thank the Lord
That Lisa took the time
To stop and love a boy into a man

All I know she sure was good for me
Put a feel inside that's more
Than just a memory
And if I had a gift to give
To any man I know
That he'd have a girl just like Lisa
Sleeping softly in his soul

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