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Black Hat Saloon

This song is by Rusty Wier.

Riding through the Black Hills, Southbound.
Came upon this old ghost town.
Sure looked eerie by the light of the old full moon.
I was weary I got down
Thought I'd have myself a look around
Through some swinging doors came a half haunted tune
And the broken down sign read 'The Black Hat Saloon'

Walked right through them swingin' doors
Something like I'd never seen before
Looked like a scene from 100 years ago
A scarlet lady strode to my side
Said she'd take me on a mystic ride
All night long we danced around the moon
But the sun woke me up to an empty dusty room
With a broken down sign that read 'The Black Hat Saloon'

Black Hat Saloon, come on and sing to me a melody
Telling me all about what a good life it used to be
Sing to me of the days of the silver and the gold
When the music and the laughter
From the whiskey warms your soul
Now it's all grown cold

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