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Mission Beat

This song is by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and appears on the album Other Ways of Speaking (2003).

You know I never
I never busked in Vulcan Lane
I could not, put my family through the shame
It took deprivation

And an aeroplane
For me and Billy to find our feet
Me and Billy
Walking home weighed down, lebo takeaway

Cheese is burning all around
Deprivation makes a sound so sweet

Billy got a van
Billy got a job
Billy got a job working for the Sydney City Mission

Driving around everyday picking up the people
And taking them home
Billy said to me once
He didn't think it was much of a charity

Taking people and putting them
Where they really did not want to be
That's the Mission Beat
The Mission Beat

Yeah, the Mission Beat
You know I never
I never busked in Vulcan Lane
Could not, did not, would not, should not
Put my family through the shame30 Odd Foot of Grunts Lyrics Index

Written by:

Wilkins, Dave/Crowe, Russell/Lani, Paul/Cochran, Dean

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