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We Dancing

This song is by Ruskabank and appears on the album This Took Some Time (1998).

Well it's hard! It's hard, I mean it
Working and slaving, I just long to be free
Yeah, that's right
Hey, I know it
Know how to beat it
Always look forward to you dancing with me
Let's go! Well when you're out on the floor there's just you and me and everybody feeling the beat
And you know that it's true, the way that you move, I can't help it knocks me off of my feet
And if the rhythm is right, and it's a Saturday night, and you're dancing so close to me
I no longer feel blue, I know that you will be true, and it's a feeling that is so hard to beat
Yeah, we dancin'! Well, it's hot! The rhythm flowing
Man the band, it keeps the crowd moving the shoe
And with the band so fiery, me feeling so irie
Can't help it man the ya-ya beat is making me move
Let's go! We dancin' all night long!

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