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This song is by Rupert Holmes and appears on the album Widescreen (1974).

Last night I found myself in Bagdad once again
And the minarets were icy blue against the dawn's green light
No love I did not ask just how I came or when
I could only wonder were you there with me to sleep the night

I walked the streets of Bagdad searching for your face
But the ancient city walls held no one in their lost command
So love I called your name within the marketplace
And my echo woke me back to morning's red and golden head

And oh you were there with my pillow touching your velvet hair
And so as I'd slept you'd been near

Last night I dreamt my strange recurring dream again
Where the scarlet evening moon still hovered over Bagdad's night
Oh love I found myself alone but even then
I was sure I'd find your body near me come the morning light

And oh you were there with your sandy eyes and a sleepy stare
And though I had dreamt you were here

So love if I tonight should die before the dawn
And I find myself in Bagdad lost within an empty sleep
No love I will not feel alone though life has gone
For I know you'll be beside me even as the dark grows deep

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