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This song is by Rupee.

All the lies that you told
On the promises made
How could you be so bold
Now I feel so played
It was love and not lust
I really felt you
I gave you my trust
Now look what you do

I should have noticed something
Those calls and late night creepin'
Those moans that you were fakin
You punked me, you punked me
Those two ways you deleted
Recent numbers repeated
E-mails you claim forwarded
You punked me, you punked me

Though people warned me about her
I put her name on my visa
And now my credits going under
You punked me, you punked me
Hell yeah I said it was okay
And co-signed on the escalade
Now I'm taking the subway
You punked me
You punked me

Now that I got punked up
It's about the prenup
The only fifty round me
Is a g-unit CD
So my bredren be warned
Or you'll be a punk scorned
You may think your games tight
But where's your woman tonight

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