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Skull & Bones

This song is by Running Wild and appears on the album Rogues en Vogue (2005).

Purple clouds on the horizon,
Raging waves could touch the sky
On the wind a certain howling,
Whipping bow will ride on high

Waving flag is nearly tearing,
The braces hold on tight
"All hands on deck" the order,
Steadfast, prepared to fight

Caught in the storm, where our spirit is born
Riding the waves with the wind
And the devil is taking his toll
With the sea, where nobody can flee, when the waves'
Piling high and the rage's in the sky

Skull and Bones, on the horizon
Skull and Bones, flying high
Skull and Bones, storm is rising
Skull and Bones, lead will fly

The cannons are packed and loaded,
Ready to shoot their load
A cracking round is blowing,
Shaking the sea and the boat
A cloud of smoke and fire is blacking out the sea
The flag in white is rising, no more chance to flee

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