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This song is by Run-D.M.C. and appears on the album Back from Hell (1990).

And I say... the brother's about to get naughty!
Rockin' you on down... to the last... STOP!

See them on the corner, scheamin a scam
Makin' plans beat the man that'll put him in ?amb's?
Cut for the loot to group, hit a troop or bank
No thanks to the brothers in blue
Freeze stay at ease, nigga get to your knees
Seen cash in the back, about a hundred G's
Step to the next, got a scam with checks
Cold stole a bankroll from plenty of ?? then
Up to The Ave., a cab to the lab
To make a stop to drop off the money in the bag
And then send a friend that's been down
To do a job to rob a brother in town
Livin' and givin' a damn, two different things
The brother dig diamond rings
It's not about makin' the money, but the money is taken
Shake 'em down, flip 'em out, then break em
He'll break a leg, to get the money
A diggy diggy don't forget he'll break a law, seen
Ain't a damn thing funny 'bout a nigga named Sonny
But the brother's about to get naughty

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