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Get Open

This song is by Run-D.M.C. and appears on the album Down with the King (1993).

We get open! (8X)

I seen you hopin and scopin I'm copin as I get you wide open
Dyin' and lyin' while you're cryin and mopin
Flippin and rippin money-grippin be gropin
The baddest apparatus got the fad as I'm open
I never slip or fell, I raise up ?? well
I bash you in your bell, you got static in hell
And when you seen the fire you got jealous, you jeal'
So sucker just retire, you admire my skill
I'm never the type of guy to close the door in your face
I got you wide open, Run is runnin' a race
Takin' what's mine and what's left is a waste
Leavin' them behind and all suckers on the chase
Got a dope track, comin' real dope an'
I get legit, we get, I get...

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