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Can I Get It, Yo

This song is by Run-D.M.C. and appears on the album Down with the King (1993).

Can I get this?
Now DJ Run I run amuck and run to hit this
"Hit it Run!" My name is Joe I need hoe
Can I get a witness (HOE!)
And when I come you're lookin' dumb
You say who did this (DID THIS) did this (DID THIS)
Face you're lookin' dumb on, hum could you HUM ON
Beats are droppin' now and what and why and when and how
Drop it come on, come on, I got some on, my TIP
Get me up and goin' for the vickie vickie VICK
Beefin through your teeth and what you see is what you GET
Suckers what you lack is what you lickie lickie LICK
Now off into esophagus that be coughin out a rhyme
Now some are dumb make fun of dem but Run and dem be kind
So come on, come on, got you swingin' on my BO
Suckers seek my facial but you see I lay you LOW
I flow (FLOW) you know (KNOW) a pro (PRO) and so (SO)
Let me get a hoe on the down-low "God damn!"

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