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This song is by Ruined Conflict and appears on the EP Justified (2013).

I walk the road in ruined lands
I reflect on everything
Onto the distance I will stand
As you forsaken me
But I will hold my head up high
No matter how this may unfold
One day we'll fight again
For now we'll call this home

I pray one day we'll reach
An end to man's destruction
I will sacrifice myself
In honor we seek answers
In unity we'll see
No more pain and agony
Our memories are held
One day we will be free

I pray one day we'll see
Peace and hope across the nation
Our actions justified
As we embrace the ending
Where's the union that we seek
The joy and harmony
How can we better ourselves
As we endorse defeat

As you bring judgment over me
We find no sanity
I seem to ask myself everyday
Could this be our mistake
But I will stand right be your side
Until your hurt is torn away
We look back on our past and see a world of hate
As we turn the page and move on to our next chapter
From all that we have witness we need each other more than ever

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