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Chambers Of Infamy

This song is by Ruined Conflict and appears on the album Revolutionary Mayhem (2014).

As the light is placed behind me
The thought of being left behind
In solitude I try to see
The world through your eyes
The air is calm as you once were
Warm and innocent
My voice will always guide you
I just wish I only knew
That our love was just a lost cause
But never a mistake
I know one day I'll find you
I will see you once again
As we meet face to face
I will stand there and pause
As you look back and say "I've forgiven you"

How far until I reach heaven
How far until I reach home
In way's you've tried to change me
In restless times and dreams
How can you say I've lost you
How can I live without you
There's no light at the end, only my own suffering
As I'm cast onto these chambers
These chambers of infamy
I call on mercy's hand
Begging you to forgive me
Please don't walk away
Don't let this be goodbye
There's no light at the end
Only my own suffering

I look over the horizon
Hoping you would see me here
As your life comes crashing down
As your lifted from the ground
You wake to feel empty
But there is no more misery
I shouldn't feel this cold, I shouldn't be alone

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