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When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)

This song is by Rufus Wainwright and appears on the live album Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall (2007).

When you're smiling
When you're smiling
The whole world smiles with you
When you're laughing
When you're laughing
The sun comes shining through

But when you're crying you bring on the rain
So stop that sighing be happy again
When you're smiling
Keep on smiling
The whole world smiles with you

If you suddenly find out you've been deceived
Don't get peeved
If your husband bluntly tells you you're too stout
Don't you pout
And for Heaven's sakes retain a calm demeanor
If a cop walks up and hands you a subpoena
If the groom should take a powder while you're marching down the aisle
Don't weep and moan because he's blown
Just face the world and smile

'Cause when you're cryin' don't you know that your make-up starts to run
And your eyes get red and scrappy
Forget your troubles have yourself a little fun
Have a ball
Forget it all
Forget your troubles come on get happy

When you're smiling
'Cause when you're smiling
The whole world smiles with you

Written by:

Mark Fisher Wikipedia16, Joe Goodwin and Larry Shay Wikipedia16