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Little Sister

This song is by Rufus Wainwright and appears on the album Want Two (2004).

Little sister come and sit beside me
Beside me
And we'll play a tune on this old piano forte
Just for a while
Just for a while
Just for a while
Til your hair becomes a powdered wig
And I become a total bastard
Feet that hardly reach the pedal
Sold to a tremendous shadow
Ave, ave
History is on my side
So complain have no shame
And remember that your brother is a boy

Though it seems the stakes contain some integrity
Me I feel it still is based on good old intrigue
Just for a while
Just for a while
Just for a while
You may have to use your hips as fodder
Still putting your best foot forward
Madame didn't stack the cupboard
Ended up like Mother Hubbard
Ave, but hey
History is still a game
So complain have no shame
And remember that round one has just been played

And you are poised for centuries to claim
Follow examples fond
No longer a choice
The world be just a ball to pass or gaze upon

And one more thing
Before we go 'round again
Let's end this maze
Keep out the threat of a kid

Oh my little-little sister

Written by:

Rufus Wainwright

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