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Hometown Waltz

This song is by Rufus Wainwright and appears…

The drummers and jugglers in Montreal
Don't even exist at all
So I'm tearin' up these tarot cards and Venetian clowns
Antique shops and alcoholic homosexuals

You may ask why I want to torch my hometown
Partly it's bitterness and not bein' round and round again
On Ontario Street lookin' up
Maybe I'll catch him on his way to the show

You travel the world and you find all the answers
Everythin' operates on the unattainables
And then you hear your mother laugh attached to the phone
Could have walked around the block 'cause all roads lead to home

Say will you ever ever ever know
Ever ever ever fly away
Will you ever ever ever go
Ever ever ever find a way

Written by:

Rufus Wainwright

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