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What They Want

This song is by Ruff Ryders and appears on the album The Redemption Vol. 4 (2005).

(Swizz Beatz)
We are having a party in the United States of America
Where the girls get naked and the fellas buy the bar so bring the noise

(Chorus) (Swizz Beatz)
I wanna know what ya got here, what ya got there
What ya got here, what ya got there
Touch ya knees and touch ya back
Get a lil drink don't know how to act x2

I'm up in the club, I'm drunker than a muh'fucker
My eyes is low, I'm higher than a skyscraper
Shorty in my ear like is we gon' slide later
I'm like a charity the way I give away paper
The way I pop bub, heavy tips for the waiter
I'm getting love like I just came home
Fresh out the black box and the shackles is chrome
Now it's back to the fiesta
When it comes to this mic I'm a molester
Let mami sip grapes so I can caress her
She saw the Batman doors that's what impressed her
So I took her to the crib, so I could bench press her - word

Cross: We do what ever we want- we take what ever we want
Infa.Red: First it was the Fever, then it was Rooftop now it's Cherry Lounge

You getting money put that cake up
You got ice where your jacob
I'm tryin' to make shorty smear her make up
Hood rat chick or paparazzi hottie
New york face with a down south body
You hatin' cause my name ringin', chain swingin'
What's in my pocket could have everybody and they momma blingin
Got swizz on the snare while he out in Korea
Front in here you'll disappear
What you know about stars island bottles poppin'
Same house paris hilton gave top in
You know who the hell I be
I-N-F-A-R-E-D live from V.I.P

C: I take the bottle and your chick then party till the suns up
I: Inhale the weed until you cough a lung up
Shorty how it feel hangin' with stars
I give it to you in all singles like Ray Charles
C: Now strip for me lick your lips for me
Work that pole that's how you get grip from me
I: My niggaz howl at the moon vidal sassoon
If you don't look good we don't look good
C: Peierre Joliet fuck what you say
I: Then zoom through the crowd like a car on the thruway
S: Stop wait a minute bow down it's Double R hand over the crown

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