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Pig In A Blanket

This song is by Rudimentary Peni and appears on the album Death Church (1983).

I tell you about the animals
How they suffer, how they die
You try to hide guilty doubt
From me with an appeasing smile
You never want responsibility
For this murderous cruelty
The wasteful piles of blood-soaked bodies
You won't let your conscience see

Ask yourself what makes you want this
Torn ripped flesh so desperately
Are you worthy of having this suffering
Brought about to fuel your greed?
Not satisfied with killing animals
You're killing millions of people as well
As the numbers increase of those dying
In your man made third world hell

Millions dying all the time
Locked in your abbatoir of greed
Whilst you destroy them and yourself
By taking much more than you need
There is no justice in this death
No illusion I'll let you hide behind
The tradition you use to hide animal murder
Is nothing but a thin disguise

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