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This song is by Rudimentary Peni and appears on the album Cacophony (1988).

Hairy flesh impinges from all directions
Somnambulistic ramble around the room huddle in a corner
Giant pink fleshly worm wolf's head round the door
Dark petalled sensitive plants scuttle over carpets
Black statuettes animate square heads firestokers
Skewer me in flame
Paradise lost dore aient no rowboat
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Hellish barb bifid
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Impossible bat wings
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
They took my father today 1697
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
But science foils our phobias
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Noiseles faceless for faces frighten neighbours
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Bloated somnambulitic shoggoths plash
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Hpl paraphrased ad nauseum
Nightgaunt nightgaunt
Obscene clutch indigestion? gripe? cancer! nightgaunt nightgaunt
Recurrent nightnare of death
Nightgaunts nightgaunts
Epistolarian oneupmanship/soliloquy-lecture
Hallo sonny! I suppose you know...

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