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Gentlemen Prefer Blood

This song is by Rudimentary Peni and appears on the album Cacophony (1988).

Gentlemen prefer blood in this day and age, well really
Cleave you foe from head to hip, from flesh plucked skull begin to sip
Besemened bed of virus hell,
Dad is dead,
Mom's mad as well
Nyman met a pieman
White note music twaddle twaddle twaddle diddle
Play away, play away you are out of key, you're out of key 1/2 wistful, 1/2 boastful. 1/2 wistful, 1/2 boastful
The pigs are fucking in the field
With a hey nonny nonny and a hey nonny no yeah
One five oh
Vitiligo let's not get so superman
Atheist thrown into old father
Aboriginal sinners we are the cannibals
Sigismund says a smile is nothing but a cultured sneer
Cultures built on slavery, art laid down by squirearchy
His majesty's province of
Island and
Providence plantations
Alienists alienate alien alienists alienate alien nations
Autobiography of a nonentity management of the passions
Voice fluctuating from high piping to low modulations
All music comes from the scream contradiction o titania

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