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American Anglophile In The World Turned Upside Down

This song is by Rudimentary Peni and appears on the album Cacophony (1988).

Ones are inside the earth and under the sea in a state 'twixt sleep and death.
Cosmic races homely alienage
England's ungreen, unpleasant bland we speak one tongue
Jerusalem making
Whitehouse grottoes overlook the ghettos the observer is the observed
Colonial architecture
She's the best man in
Britain supine moaning minnie sticking with nurse for fear of worse uncanny nanny
Brittannia rule the waves
A right bunch of canutes every country has its
Arthurian saviour
Sea demons invading
Islander's aversion to seafood see
Cthulhu vomit
More vapid vanna white house and less successless
Phillip reincarnates as a miniscule microbeast pest in order to present
Rapid breeding in lands other than his own queendom kingdom come
What do you want the nouveau riche house of
The jaded sentimentality of the uninvaded people person
Urchin universities superbabies wombworkout a more perfect union
English godman the most magnificent snob I ever knew
A meey cur
Christisatanic names only please
Sourland of slavery bill of wrongs what kind of state are you in
Persons and citizens floundering citherns
Boston coffee orgy
Whoever has the initiative must willy-nilly go over to the attack
It's just their generation -It's always their generation
Sickle star hammer stripes stripe sickle stars hammer star corpse
Knighthoods lands and refinement for yesterday's bullies derision and
Criticism of today's
SNAFU coffee house
Puritan decadent
Prude make life an art form we have no red-coats today
We require a man of
Boney's or
Adolph's stature
Psychic skyline superior medieval city better than
Purse owner persona sold out soul doubt
Anti anti don't even believe in nihilism anymore
The problem of induction
The only
English pope
American pope 123
American pope 123
Speak like a psycho think like an immigrant
Cowboys phonetic fanatics and indians
Marketing psychedelia marketing punk dubious psychopathology
Body slanguage sexlanguage
America we are not a gun-boat for your lack of diplomacy
As we were now so shall ye be
Government by the people by the people fool the people
Shall not perish from this earth
Beyond nationalism you have sown the wind now you shall reap the whirlwind
Crush the teeth in
America's mouth yank rebel rebel yank
Blimey limey scurvy
Never was a patriot yet but was a fool
American's house is his castle
Quiet down, you brats
Sorry kid

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