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This song is by Rude Buddha.

Stand up Stand up Stand up for what you believe in
And don't let anybody hold you down
Get up Get up Get up and start screaming
"I won't let anybody push me around"

Love yourself, walk proud baby it's a matter of confidence
Everything you do just turns me on, and your body's like a loaded gun
But now your here, you feel picked on spit on your the Underdog and
You've only got one thing to say, scream out "I never liked them anyway"

Know yourself, your drop dead gorgeous make him stand up and prove himself
'Cause if you do it's gonna turn me on
He yelled at you, he made you feel so unimportant,
You've only got one thing to say scream out "I never liked him anyway"

I want you now,
It's cold outside your lips cut like broken glass, I need you now
I want you now, I need you


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