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This song is by Rude Buddha and appears on the album Fighter (2004).

Grab your flag I know your sad I know you've got the butterflies, they might stick for awhile, retribution, now it's time for payback

Can't stand the look upon his face, he says one thing and does another, meet me another time, another place, he'll do anything to run for cover control is what you have, I say you take it back, you've been victimized, and can't see eye to eye, and I don't wanna see you crying over him, I just wanna see you hold it up to him, yeah

Now he's messed with that bad-ass motherfucker and his chain wallet wrap it round his neck like a tourniquet twist it till the pain is gone, is gone, you better run for cover, you better run for cover it's time for
Payback (x 4)

You believe me when I say, I'll wrap it round your head and make it look like suicide

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