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Baylor Drive

This song is by Rude Buddha and appears on the album Fighter (2004).

Its just another day, filled with red light questions, screamin' down the road doing 65, thinking about this green eyed girl and what she said to me, I've got a cigarette lit and my pride's by my side, at home, I'm just
Another kid trying to make ends meet, trying to catch a little luck to get me through this life, but she doesn't understand the reality, of life growing up, on baylor drive, so I said

Won't you fly me, far away from here, o-oh fly me far away from here, far away from here, 'cause I need a place, where I can get by

It's still another day and everything feels hazy, cruisin' down the road doing 105, right about now I'd give about anything, if this dolphin would sprout some wings and start to fly, I would say

You can take me, you can take me away far away from here

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