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Last of Us

This song is by Rude and appears on the album Soul Recall (2014).

Earth's crusaders pollinate and rain down from the sky
Incestual humanity failed to hear the planet's cry
Silently creating a solution for the raping vermin
Hellflower produces the tool of extermination

Infect you through the bloodstream and to your mind
Fungus replaces tissue over time
Irritation frustration blood lust takes control
No memories remain of your life before

Mass hysteria
Crumbling societies
Families torn
Without death our future is worse than the disease

Centers of isolation
Setup to corral the infected ones
But nobody is immune
Humanities self extermination has finally begun

Bombing of cities capitols
Replicating fungus occupies your veins
Humanity eats itself alive
Skin peels of exposing infected flesh inside

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