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Internal Ascension

This song is by Rude and appears on the album Soul Recall (2014).

Multiple orbiting suns blaze down upon my skin
Awakened in a land where I did not begin
I can barely move any of my limbs
The time is up now darkness descends

Hear the mournful cries,
Carried on the howling wind
In desolation the distant earth lays stricken
Paralyzing kiss of the forsaken

Famine plague and locust swarms
In mockery of the peoples decrepit lord
Bringer of scorn harbringer of death
Lay your waste
Leaving the world torn

I separate my body and mind
For mother mars together we bind
Servitude in her blood
With pride to the end

Teetering orange cascading light
Illuminates our ascending fall
For mars is her
Accepting us the damned

Rise O Son of the fallen one
Spread thy dreaded wings of black
Flying through the frozen night
To take our utopia our kingdom back

Spoken were the words of hell
Where armies birthed from her crust
Power entrusted into me
Highest praise of unholy trust

Painfully I dry heave
And start hacking up my own blood
Choking up a thick black paste
Final transformation is done

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