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In Thy Name

This song is by Rude and appears on the album Soul Recall (2014).

And for the ones who I left to suffer
Let them know it's in thy name
My ritual performed they slaughter each other
Pointless deaths it's my game

Lives are lost souls gained
Tokens of war trophies of hell
Leaderless soldiers
To wander forever on my eternal plane

I am the breeder in the night
Death is born from my flame
Penetrate wombs of the living world
Seeds are sewn my world I proclaim
No dreams of heaven to catch you
You're here with me now
All of your lessons were untrue
On blackened knees eternally you will bow

Grasping at folds in the netherworld
This is my kingdom my domain
You are free to do as you like
As long as it is in thy name

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