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This song is by Rude and appears on the album Soul Recall (2014).

I am dead yet I still suffer
Unbearable deaths my own eyes can see
I've done nothing why do I deserve this
Somebody please raise this curse placed upon me

I can taste my own blood
Watching my guts spill to my feet
My undying corpse
Wrapped in rags and cast into flames
Is the nightmare over
Will life after death finally cease
The eternal slumber
May I greet it with... peace

Postmortem horrors terrorize me
How can I be dead yet I keep dying
Gruesome deaths the mortal worlds never known
Torn limb from limb then crush every bone
I'm already dead but I'm still afraid to die
Try to escape I'm numb mouth is dry
Cold hands tear at my flesh
They carry me on to my next death

Hard cold dirt covers my face
I pray this will be my final resting place
Buried alive I just want this to end
It's not over death pulls me to life again

Hand of darkness pull me within
It will haunt me until the end
Will I reach that I will never know
Until I'm dealt the final deathblow