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Kanye West Diss

This song is by Rucka Rucka Ali.

This song is a parody of "Run This Town" by Jay-Z.
I saw Kanye, the gay fish
Take the mic from Taylor Swift
At the MTVMAs
Throws a tantrum every year
What's he crying about now?
His haircut looks like my nutsack
I think he's finally lost his mind
He made this country singer cry

I'd love to smash Taylor's vagina
She's over eighteen years, all right?

He's some kind of male diva
Musical genius
Greatest mothafucka since Jesus
He's just too cool to stay his ass seated
Drinking Hennessy since Kelly and Regis
Keep his whack ass off of the TV
Now I see Taylor Swift walking off and leaving
Bring her back out
I was starting to imagine her mouth upon Katy Perry's ass,
Till Kanye starts speakin'
Please tell me what kinda shit is that?
Remember back stage he was gettin' all mad
Sayin' that MTV doesn't care about black people?
Isn't there a black guy in the Gym Class Heroes?

I've been seein' them PSA's
Sayin' don't say something is gay
Wanda Sykes was in on this
I though it was kinda gay
I can't read good so I shout,
"Patrick Swayze, where'd you go?"
Making Red Dawn 2 in heaven
Keep an eye on Michael Jackson
Keep him away from Ben Savage
If he's not dead then I'm impressed

We all say words like "retard"
But we don't mean to demean
Kids that have special needs
We just need a word
And it's the greatest word we got
To describe vegans and members of PETA

When I say "faggot"
You might think that it's terrible
But I don't mean to hurt your feelings, homosexual
It's a word I need just for people in general,
Like the lead singer of Interpol

Cynical people think that it's hate speech
They can all lick me where the Good Lord lays me
The color of your skin doesn't matter to me
And the colors of a fascist don't change
Just 'cause you call him a bleeding heart...

Christians really miss Jesus
They blame the Jews for killing him
I choose to blame the Jews as well
More for industrial things

Just playin', don't get all mad
Don't go call Gloria Allred
I got no good goddamn money
Go sue someone that's good for it

I live in my momma's basement
I never had to pay no rent

Where would I be without racism?
That's like saying "Where would Mindless Self Indulgence be without girls that were molested as children?"
If I can't make fun of Asians,
You feminist bitches aren't free to say "Fuck Sarah Palin"
And I can't even say I wanna FUCK Sarah Palin
David Letterman couldn't be funny if you paid him
I wrote this song
So I could get laid with Taylor
And burn Kanye like the witches in Salem

You want racist?
I'll give you racist
The human race is heading for the days of enslavement
I watch in amazement,
From my momma's basement
You closet cases going ape shit
Over gay shit

Remember this face, 'cause I'm gettin' me a facelift
Reverse Michael Jackson, reverse celeb races
So I can say shit without pushin' daisies, like Swayze
Lady's chicken head ways don't faze me
99 problems, and Jay-Z will hate this
Have you ever had shoes without shoelaces?
Have you ever seen Jews without Jew faces?

Rucka, I don't mean to cut you off
And I'll let you finish,
But Weird Al is better than you!
And doesn't use hatred

Well, I do, so you can suck my fuckin' dick naked
I'm tired of you, and fuck music, I hope I don't make it
And fuck your crew [bleep] child porn tradin' faggots!

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