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Wear It's 'At (1974)Edit

The Rubettes - Wear It's 'At
Wear It's 'At
  1. Way Back in the Fifties
  2. Rock Is Dead
  3. Tonight
  4. The Way of Love
  5. Rumours
  6. Forever
  7. Your Love
  8. Sugar Baby Love
  9. Teenage Dream
  10. Rock'n'Roll Survival
  11. When You're Sixteen
  12. Saturday Night

We Can Do It (1975)Edit

The Rubettes - We Can Do It
We Can Do It
  1. I Can Do It
  2. The Sha-Na-Na-Na Song
  3. Something's Coming Over Me
  4. I'll Always Love You
  5. It's Just Make Believe
  6. Dance to the Rock'n'Roll
  7. Juke Box Jive
  8. Don't Do It Baby
  9. The Family Affair
  10. At the High School Hop Tonight
  11. Wo Goddam Blues
  12. Beggar Man

Rubettes (1975)Edit

The Rubettes - Rubettes
  1. Judy Run Run
  2. Little Darling
  3. My Buddy Holly Days
  4. When You're Around
  5. It's Better That Way
  6. Play the Game
  7. Foe-Dee-Oh-Dee
  8. I'm Just Dreaming
  9. Out in the Cold
  10. Miss Goodie Two Shoes
  11. Put a Back Beat to That Music
  12. Dark Side of the World

Sign of the Times (1976)Edit

The Rubettes - Sign Of The Times
Sign of the Times
  1. Sign of the Times
  2. Dancing in the Rain
  3. You're the Only Girl on My Island
  4. The Way You Live
  5. Not Now My Dear
  6. You're the Reason Why
  7. I Think I'm in Love
  8. I Really Got to Know
  9. Julia
  10. Highwayman's Lament

Baby I Know (1976)Edit

The Rubettes - Baby I Know
Baby I Know
  1. Summertime Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Baby I Know
  3. I'm in Love With You
  4. Ooh La La
  5. Ladies of Laredo
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
  7. Allez Oop
  8. I Wanna Be Loved
  9. Under One Roof
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Queen

Sometime in Oldchurch (1977)Edit

The Rubettes - Sometime In Oldchurch
Sometime in Oldchurch
  1. Alimonia
  2. Say What You Mean
  3. Eva St. Clair
  4. You Make It Hard
  5. Let Him Bleed
  6. Great Be the Nation
  7. Come On Over
  8. Sometime in Oldchurch
  9. Top of the World

Still Unwinding (1978)Edit

The Rubettes - Still Unwinding
Still Unwinding
  1. Movin'
  2. No No Cherie
  3. Still Unwinding
  4. New York Tower
  5. San Andreas
  6. Goodbye Dolly Grey
  7. Truth of the Matter
  8. When Hays Was Young
  9. Do You Ever Think of Me
  10. Does It Got to Be Rock 'n'roll

Shangri'La (1979)Edit

The Rubettes - Shangri'La
  1. Shangri'La
  2. Misbehavin'
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Tongue Tied Man
  5. Southbound Train
  6. I Never Knew You at All
  7. Let Me Down Slowly
  8. One Way Traffic
  9. Butterfly
  10. Kid Runaway

Riding on a Rainbow (1992)Edit

The Rubettes - Riding On A Rainbow
Riding on a Rainbow
  1. Here We Are
  2. So Underhanded
  3. Please Stay
  4. I Want Your Love
  5. Last Time Around
  6. Oh So Lonely
  7. Photograph
  8. I Never Knew
  9. Sweet Soul Medley (live)

Making Love In The Rain (1995)Edit

The Rubettes - Making Love In The Rain
Making Love In The Rain
  1. Making Love In The Rain
  2. He's In Town
  3. Ah Beh Dis Donc
  4. Believe In You
  5. New Way Of Loving You
  6. You Are
  7. Be My Girl
  8. Feel Like Some Lovin'
  9. Anyone Can Say
  10. Follow The Light
  11. Belles Belles Belles
  12. Smile Baby Smile
  13. Mega Mix

Sugar Baby Love (2006)Edit

The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love
Sugar Baby Love
  1. Sugar Baby Love
  2. Juke Box Jive
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Come On Over
  5. Tonight
  6. Ooh La La
  7. Little 69
  8. Cherie Amour
  9. Foe-Dee-Oh-Dee
  10. I Can Do It
  11. Under One Roof
  12. Baby I Know
  13. You're The Reason Why
  14. Photograph
  15. Little Darling
  16. Plenty Money
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Other SongsEdit

  1. Lola
  2. Only Girl On The Island

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