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We Riding

This song is by Royce Da 5'9" and appears on the album Build & Destroy: The Lost Sessions, Part 1 (2003).

We ridin', survivin,(Royce 5'9") tryin' not to die (yeah)
And tryin' to cop a island
5'9" and he sleezy the game needs me 'cause I'm drama
I got problems I can't resovlve'em
Its no beefin I can't call em
We ridin', survivin, tryin' not to die
And tryin' to cop a island

Remember me?
The hype man dat came on a blazeship
Bought in by the white man
Like came on slave ship in chains
Gold mask wit him turned his back on the only rappa
Dat can match him and burn him on his own track wit him
I gone back wit him 'cause holmes actin' like he's got Capone backin him
Why? he's gone platium wow I'm hurt 'cause now its worst
'Cause now he's famous bout as down to eurf as ur anus or worst
Mi value will grow wit mi next release cut the check
I suggest you invest in extra ink
Mi next album should raise the brile of every man, woman and child
And today I'm gonna get you gotta paid
U gotta sign on ya door dat says KEEPOUT
I can't find you nomore I can't reach
U truly know more later after you learn mi last fava is ask you is where
Don't do me nomore favas!

R59 talkin':
Yeah yeah imma sho you mufukkaz
How ta go frum no Buzz
Ta a big azz buzz
Imma ill mufukka I don't need nobody ta hold mi mufukkin hand
Wuteva nigga! one-hunit 03' is mi year nigga
Royce 5'9"...da Drama King nigga (Drunk)

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