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The Clan

This song is by Royal Hunt and appears on the album Collision Course... Paradox II (2008).

White cape, red cross... hands up to cheer The Big Boss
No life, no love, no thoughts, no brains to speak of:
"Stand tall, divide the whole world in black and off-white!"
You've got your plan... God bless you losers and your Clan

The day will come... lights out - and soon you'll be gone
Who's left? Your son... The only thing you'll pass on:
"Kill a nigger, kill a Jew, kill a couple, kill a few". All right -
No more, no less? He'll put you to rest while going:

Raise your glass and hail The Clan
Feel united by your colour
Raise hell just because you can,
Burn a cross... and one another.

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