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Hostile Breed

This song is by Royal Hunt and appears on the album Collision Course... Paradox II (2008).

Ways of beliefs were written down to please you:
Saints, common thieves - each one his own to pick.
So why - can you tell me - your breed's inventing something new?
Holy war? Now I see - a sacrifice a week
Infidels way: live - let live... how can you resist
Sudden urge to blow them away?

No - we're aware, your war's to get attention...
How could we dare to turn the TV off?
Raid (suicidal) - your humble share in a world's perfection
You'll meet - time is right - your idol and I hope
One bullet is enough... while you're screaming
From the top of your lungs:

Jihad! The ones who feel the pain will try to stop "the rain
Of terror", it's insane... I hear them screaming:
Jihad! I know who it might be: nobody else but we,
The ones who hold the key... That's all they need:
Jihad! And as the time goes by we'll look upon the sky
To ask the question: "Why they keep on screaming
Jihad?" They're just a hostile breed that bites a hand that feeds
And loves to see it bleed - it's just a hostile breed

That cherish hate based on fear - that their religion can inspire
Nowadays. All we hear is: "Jihad!"

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