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High Noon At The Battlefield

This song is by Royal Hunt and appears on the album Collision Course... Paradox II (2008).

All by myself under the scorching sun
Looking around, hoping the hate is gone
Waiting... as for the magic trick to be revealed:
You see, it's high noon at the battlefield - and not a soul around -
Another high noon at the battlefield

Touching the ground, feeling the pain below...
How did it end there? Wish you'll never know
Guarded by this soil as if it was a shield:
You see, it's high noon at the battlefield - I left my fear behind -
A peaceful high noon...

But not so long ago the wind was strong and freezing cold
While blood was running down that hill
A war like this - you mark my words - can not be put on hold:
We'll keep on welding our steel
Do you believe that horrors from our distant past
Will ever make us change our mind? No way!
Forget the fallen ones - we're in to have a blast,
So all in all we're doing fine.

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