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Exit Wound

This song is by Royal Hunt and appears on the album Collision Course... Paradox II (2008).

It's been around for a while... that sign of a new beginning
I tried to let it all slide - no way, my mind keeps spinning
Some of the choices I've made's been haunting me forever
As trying hard to persuade me to regret. However:

Loneliness is grieving over what you are and then discover
Who you were... or used to be... and now it seems so hard to understand
Give me strength to be who I was, recreate the ones whom I lost
Down the road - so hard and lonely - please forgive me now for who I am

I do agree to a point... no grudge's been left unchallenged
As if I could disappoint a crowd around me... As each
Day of my life has been led by one declining nation
And in the end - all I'd get's my final destination

As there's no escape and no redemption at any Sunday afternoon
Your sins are catching up to hit you in the back -
You never thought they would until today... you're doomed
While watching an open exit wound

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