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Rodney's Song

This song is by Roy Buchanan and appears on the album That's What I Am Here For (1973).

Well she walked into the bar
And she looked dead at me
She was with some other man
But I said she'd rather be free

Now that crazy little woman
She got next to me that night
I had to control myself
I almost started a fight

But I got by
Woah yes I did
Said I got by
Now listen

She was sittin' with her man
When the band was beginnin' to wail
He was playin' such a fool
I knew I could not fail, now

I'm not the kind of mule
To go kickin' in another man's stall
But why should a woman be sittin' around
When she could be havin' a ball

I had to get by
Woah, yeah
I had to get by
Woah, yes I did

Her old man passed out
And then I made my move
I walked on up, set myself down
And we began to groove

When she told me that she wanted
She wanted to be with me
I bought her man two more drinks
And people, I was home free

And I got by
Woah, yeah
Well, I got by
Oh, yes I did

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