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Bitters End

This song is by Roxy Music and appears on the album Roxy Music (1972).

This song has been covered by Paul Kimble and Andy Mackay under the title "Bitters End".
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Bitters End
At last the crimson chord cascade
To shower dry cordials within
Too late to leap the chocolate gate
Pale fountains fizzing forth pink gin
While destiny begins to fly
The farmyard chorus sings its wake
Upstanding anthem to the sky
Too soon to realise their fate
You were the raven of October
I knew the sign you flew around
Up in the air so high above me
Never needed to look down
I never thought I'd be a rover
I didn't even look around
But now I know you've found another
So will someone please find me
Give now the host his claret cup
And watch Madeira's farewell drink
Note his reaction acid sharp
Should make the cognoscenti think

Written by:

Bryan Ferry

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