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Thy Mighty Contract (1993)Edit

Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract
Thy Mighty Contract
  1. The Sign Of Evil Existence
  2. Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
  3. Fgmenth, Thy Gift
  4. His Sleeping Majesty
  5. Exiled Archangels
  6. Dive The Deepest Abyss
  7. The Coronation Of The Serpent
  8. The Fourth Knight Of Revelation (I & II)
  9. Visions Of The Dead Lover (Bonus Track Re-Issue)
  10. The Mystical Meeting (Bonus Track Re-Issue)

Non Serviam (1994)Edit

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam
Non Serviam
  1. The Fifth Illusion
  2. Wolfera The Chackal (Neoplasia)
  3. Non Serviam
  4. Morality Of A Dark Age
  5. Where Mortals Have No Pride
  6. Fethroesforia
  7. Mephesis Of Black Crystal
  8. Ice Shaped God
  9. Saturn Unlock Avey's Son

The Mystical Meeting (1995)Edit

Rotting Christ - The Mystical Meeting
The Mystical Meeting
  1. Intro-Ach Golgotha
  2. The Old Coffin Spirit
  3. The Forest Of N'gai
  4. The Mystical Meeting
  5. Gloria De Domino Inferni
  6. Inside The Eye Of Algond
  7. Feast Of The Grand Whore (Live)
  8. The Forest Of N'gai (Live)
  9. Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom
  10. The Sixth Communion
  11. The Hills Of Crucifixion
  12. Feast Of The Grand Whore
  13. The Nereid Of Esgalduin

Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers (1996)Edit

Rotting Christ - Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers
Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers
  1. King Of A Stellar War
  2. A Dynasty From The Ice
  3. Archon
  4. Snowing Still
  5. Shadows Follow
  6. One With The Forest
  7. Diastric Alchemy
  8. The Opposite Bank
  9. The First Field Of The Battle
  10. Tormentor
  11. Flag Of Hate/Pleasure Or Kill

A Dead Poem (1997)Edit

Rotting Christ - A Dead Poem
A Dead Poem
  1. Sorrowful Farewell
  2. Among Two Storms
  3. A Dead Poem
  4. Out Of Spirits
  5. As If By Magic
  6. Full Colour Is The Night
  7. Semigod
  8. Ten Miles High
  9. Between Times
  10. Ira Incensus

Sleep Of The Angels (1999)Edit

Rotting Christ - Sleep Of The Angels
Sleep Of The Angels
  1. Cold Colours
  2. After Dark I Feel
  3. Victoriatus
  4. Der Perfekte Traum (The Perfect Dream)
  5. You My Flesh
  6. The World Made End
  7. Sleep The Sleep Of Angels
  8. Delusions
  9. Imaginary Zone
  10. Thine Is The Kingdom
  11. Moonlight (Bonus Track)

Khronos (2000)Edit

Rotting Christ - Khronos
  1. Thou Art Blind
  2. If It Ends Tomorrow
  3. My Sacred Path
  4. Aeternatus
  5. Art Of Sin
  6. Lucifer Over London
  7. Law Of The Serpent
  8. You Are I
  9. Khronos
  10. Fateless
  11. Time Stands Still
  12. Glory Of Sadness

Genesis (2002)Edit

Rotting Christ - Genesis
  1. Daemons
  2. Lex Talionis
  3. Quintessence
  4. Nightmare
  5. In Domine Sathana
  6. Release Me
  7. The Call Of The Aethyrs
  8. Dying
  9. Ad Noctis
  10. Under The Name Of Legion

Sanctus Diavolos (2004)Edit

Rotting Christ - Sanctus Diavolos
Sanctus Diavolos
  1. Visions Of A Blind Order
  2. Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin
  3. Athanati Este
  4. Tyrannical
  5. You My Cross
  6. Sanctimonius
  7. Serve In Heaven
  8. Shades Of Evil
  9. Doctrine
  10. Sanctus Diavolos

Theogonia (2007)Edit

Rotting Christ - Theogonia
  1. Χάος Γένετο (The Sign of Prime Creation)
  2. Keravnos Kivernitos
  3. Nemecic
  4. Enuma Elish
  5. Phobos' Synagogue
  6. Gaia Tellus
  7. Rege Diabolicus
  8. He, The Aethyr
  9. Helios Hyperion
  10. Threnody

Aealo (2010)Edit

  1. Aealo
  2. Eon Aenaos
  3. Demonon Vrosis
  4. Noctis Era
  5. dub-sag-ta-ke
  6. Fire Death and Fear
  7. Nekron Iahes...
  8. ...Pir Threontai
  9. Thou Art Lord
  10. Santa Muerte
  11. Orders from the Dead

Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (2013)Edit

Rotting Christ - Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
  1. In Yumen/Xibalba
  2. P'unchaw kachun/Tuta kachun
  3. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
  4. Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
  5. Cine iubeşte şi lasă
  6. Iwa Voodoo
  7. Gilgameš
  8. Русалка
  9. Ahura Mazdā-Aŋra Mainiuu
  10. χξς
  11. Welcome to Hel

Rituals (2016)Edit

Rotting Christ - Rituals
  1. In Nomine Dei Nostri
  2. זה נגמר (Ze Nigmar)
  3. Ἐλθὲ κύριε (Elthe Kyrie)
  4. Les Litanies de Satan (Les Fleurs du Mal)
  5. Ἄπαγε Σατανά (Apage Satana)
  6. Του θάνατου (Tou Thanatou)
  7. For a Voice like Thunder
  8. Konx om Pax
  9. देवदेवं (Devadevam)
  10. The Four Horsemen

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