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This song is by Rotten Sound and appears on the EP Consume To Contaminate (2006).

My senseless and worthless life
Pitiful journey to die
Losers of my time
Exploiting weakness
Died every single day
We died once again
On our way to obey and to bow
Worthless usage of our time
There's no unseen obscurity
We're bound to belong
To this selfish community
Money is earned and used to live
To suffer and suffocate our lives
We shall only lose
Our creativity
This total and complete
Internal Misery
Is feeding and filling
My depravity
Until it's time to die
To give up this trial to fight
Removal of our
Free will
To think
Worthless time to belong
To this world causes this
Internal, External
Total and complete
Loss of humanity
Loss of creativity, democracy
Loss of our precious insanity

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