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The Depth Of Cessation

This song is by Rotted Rebirth and appears on the album The Depth Of Cessation (2009).

Disordered is vitality our existence is depleting.
Cessation has now settled in.
A delusive world extinct.
The corrosion of Earth will deluge the plague into our minds.
Every animate feature left in the future will be pulverized.
A phantasm of extremity the solution.
Moldered and wasted is the flesh of your children.
Vivid is the view of our obliteration.
Feeble we are ill.
Damnation is revealed.
The corrosion of Earth will deluge the plague into our time.
Expel the end.
This is the way.
A lethal embrace of Revelation.
The dimension of end, a vacant portal of delusion, no longer a dream.
Reality has striken.
The people won't believe until it's too late.
The adversary's far immense.
The turmoil of our phathoms extinction draws in the plague of rapture.
The depth of cessation invades, drowning our minds and our bodies with rage.
The depth of cessation invades, prelude to apocalyptic devastation.
Decrepit and feeble we are ill.
Damnation means time and that time is revealed.
The deadline has now settled in, a prelude to death and Armageddon.
Life rose and now it will fall.
Guaranteed death is destined for all.
One day when that time shall collapse.
Humanities dreams will fall through a lapse.