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Parasitic Engorgement

This song is by Rotted Rebirth and appears on the album The Depth Of Cessation (2009).

Decomposition of recycling human product, a lapse between mind and impossibility.
A counter recreation that once preyed upon man, will soon be liberated to their feast again.
Knee deep and diseased is our mankind's sanctuary.
Earth's time is unfolding, engorgement of mankind.
A grotesque creation of festering breed, the rabid scourge intruded arteries. The remaining flesh is decaying.
They lust for live meat.
Soldiers of the dead have risen amongst the streets.
Tearing at the layers and gnawing at the bone, a bacterial Armageddon with solutions unknown, caved in and eclipsed our chance for survival.
A pestilence of alien and biblical perception.
A dank putrid corpse retains no remorse and will not hesitate to physically amputate.
No memory or emotion at all, only the need to kill.
Resurrected dead have rose to feed.
The thought of end has weakened our knees.
A parasitic brood of fungal tissue is soon to be the epidemic issue.
Neck deep in decay is our mankind.
They've rose to take a taste of our pathetic race.
A constant world with no end is just what our species pretends.
A recycled path of revived human waste.
Means apocalyptic nature and plague will take place.
Obliteration of millions, soon to hit the billions, a rancid pestilence by the hands of malignance.
Stench fills the air.
There's entrails everywhere.
The moon has now eclipsed the sun.
The reborn dead has overrun.
The dead will devour.
A strain will circulate. constant cannibalism.
The parasite is now implanted.